About us

Trystology is about enhancing the relationship of couples and empowering women to own their sexuality through education and providing healthful, body safe products for passionate play.




"I started Trystology because, as a woman, I was uncomfortable shopping for passionate products in the traditional 'trench coat stores'... In fact, I couldn't even walk into those stores. I was even uncomfortable going into lingerie shops where there was often a 'back room' dedicated to products with vulgar packaging and things that were demeaning to women. About a year before I started Trystology, I found this incredible product that was discreet and classy, with nice packaging. I brought it home to my husband and told him, 'Women like me don't know about these things!' I shared with him how I hated the shopping experience and he suggested that I create an environment where women like me would be comfortable shopping."

In 2009, proprietor Roylin opened Trystology, an online store and brick and mortar boutique based in Ventura, CA featuring contemporary, high quality, sensual products for passionate play. In only its first year of operation, the store garnered two nominations for Best Boutique in the Nation and Best Boutique in the West at the prestigious AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

Today, Trystology is recognized in the industry as a leader and innovator in the budding trend of female friendly, couple friendly, discreet and high end sex toy boutiques popping up nationwide.

When you buy from Trystology, you get the highest quality luxury products for sensual play available today; healthful and earth friendly too! We put love into our product line, and carry only the best!

What are luxury sex toys you ask? In the same way Mercedes Benz and Porsche are recognized for making quality luxury cars, the brands we carry are widely recognized as the market leaders in high quality luxury novelty toys and sensual products. It is our mission to bring you only the best. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

We're committed to your satisfaction!