FOCHA Robe L/XL Focha - Hooded Cloud Robe

Focha - Hooded Cloud Robe

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Ethically made, sustainable, and 100% Cotton "CLOUD ROBE" is hand-loomed by local artisans in a small village in Turkey. Made by 4 layers of gauze cotton for extra softness! That will give you extra softness with the most breathable fabric. Super Soft, High Quality, Lightweight, Quick-Dry, Multi Functional, Unique, Hand-Loom and OEKO-TEX Standard. Designed for a unique and stylish experience while whipping up the breakfast, drinking, the morning coffee, going for daily walks. Just throw on and enjoy the time! A few magical secrets about this robe: Extra soft and very lightweight but still absorbent. Multipurpose uses. Dry quickly and takes fewer spaces to compare to regular robes. *100% Cotton- 4 Layers of Gauze Cotton *Size runs as S/M-L/XL
Made in Turkey

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