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Exploring the Submissive Headspace 8-21-17


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Class is $10 in advance
8/21 Monday, 7PM

At its core, submission is a "state of mind." It is a mental embrace of a role that lives and breathes within, without, and beyond dominance. This class offers the rare opportunity to delve in to the inner workings of submission through bottoming, service, and more. We'll explore the many ways it compliments, cues, and feeds off of interpersonal and power exchange dynamics. And, we'll look at the balance, fulfillment, and empowerment that comes from embracing one's submission.

This is a great series for community members who are curious about which role(s) they identify with, for bottoms wanting to explore their submissive side, for anyone curious to explore power exchange dynamics, and for Tops and Dominants looking to understand more about what their bottoms and submissives are experiencing.

Presenter Bio:
Birdy is a lifestyle educator, performance bottom, and proud member of the Los Angeles BDSM Community. She is founder and co-leader of the SoCal Poly Support Group: a monthly support group for poly-minded and poly-curious folks with meetings in both the South Bay and San Fernando Valley Regions. She also teaches the 8-part "Embracing Submission" Education Series at Sanctuary Studios LAX.

Under the mentorship and guidance of Mistress Melissa, she has embarked on a transformative journey unraveling the many layers of her true self; embracing the empowering nature of her submission, her masochism, and her slave heart through service, energy exchange, and gratitude. She is a student of life and a proud work in progress.

In her vanilla life she ís a teacher, musician, podcast junkie, and mama to the cutest dog in the world.